[Dixielandjazz] Question about Dixie4Dixie Benefits

Craig I. Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Fri Sep 2 11:59:08 PDT 2005

I need help. Our band would be interested in doing a benefit
for the New Orleans disaster.

We're not the biggest draw in the world, so I'd probably try to
get some of the other bands in our vicinity (Southern NH & ME) to cooperate.

However, my only contact with benefits in the past is with
my old band when we got calls asking us to play.

How do I go about starting the process - like getting the
recipient (Red Cross & Salv Army) involved
getting a venue,
getting the publicity
This is all new to me.
Thanks. I'll read the respoonses when I get back from my
day (actually evening) job.

Craig Johnson
The Maine Street Paraders.

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