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I am on the situation Jim:

 Your Royal Uppityness:

  Have just negotiated and collection of your royalties with A.S.C.A.P 
You will get $.01 for every floor the elevator stops on while playing 
your songs, we are extending this royalty to include All elevators 
worldwide whether or not they actually play your CD, just in case they 
decide to, they will of course hold such collected funds until such 
time as they have recovered their administrative collection costs and 
deem it appropriate to forward any funds they feel you actually have 
coming. However since you reside out of the USA they will require you 
to fly here at your own expense to pick up the check when and if it is 
actually ever issued. :))

  Thank you for pointing out this potential rip- off situation, and 
finding A.S.C.A.P another source of royalties collections.

  They are considering installing a coin operation in each elevator, 
whereby the passengers must pay .25 or the elevator will not move and 
the music will be interrupted until they deposit the coin.


 Tom Wiggins

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 One of my sons has just arrived in Boston from London (where he lives).
  There is a family funeral (my wife's uncle) to attend in Cohassett. My 
 is on her way now from Madrid via Paris.

  The reason for saying all this is that when my son was riding up to 
his room
 in the elevator he recognized the music playing. Yep! The Madrid based
 Canal Street Jazz Band. Our latest CD was playing in his room when he
 called me!

  I may have to find a classier mailing list than DJML if this sort of 
 keeps up! Or, at least you all should start using a polite tone when
 addressing me.

  (Actually, being "elevator music" ain't really all that great if you 
  about it. It's a bit like joining the ranks of Kenny G. without 
getting his

 Jim :>
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