[Dixielandjazz] My debt to Kenny Ball

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Sun Oct 30 01:22:59 PST 2005

Ross wrote:
Kenny Ball is one of the great UK bands........

Funny, Ross, but when I wrote my report on having seen Kenny Ball in Dublin
(probably about 7 yrs ago, on DJML, many members at that time made scathing
remarks about the band:  commercial, no feeling, etc.

While all that may be true, the fact is that his band reaches a lot of
people.  They go along to his concerts & have a great time (as I did!), and
"that's Jazz".....for most folks.  (I'd love to have around 3,000 adoring
fans at all our concerts!)

The "purist" side of things creeps up in all the arts, of course, and anyone
that "makes it" is put down upon heavily.  

I recall when El Cordobes first hit the bull fight scene in the mid '60's in
Spain.  I was sitting (*) beside an obviously "purist" type fan who was
really angry that this young fellow was against the wall (where he had no
place to run) & was on his knees in front of the bull.  Well, the purist
hated it("just tricks!"), but the crowds loved it, and El Cordobes became a

(*) I was playing in the band, before anyone from the U.K. hits at me for
attending bullfights!     :>  

Jim (Showtime) Kash

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