[Dixielandjazz] India & Middle East Music Opportunity

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Thu Oct 27 12:15:48 PDT 2005

I want a Little Girl, would also go over well in India, and for about 
$250.00 each you can buy all you want and bring them home with you. Not 
the kids either, but young ladies who are the second and third 
daughters of families that can't live long enough to build a suitable 
dowry to wed them off.

  Pack you bags Romans, and stop by my house to pick up your Turban, I 
booked Cell block 7 for a six year tour over there with only one email. 
Bon Vouyer , :)) Your flight leaves a midnight tonight. Been nice 
knowin' ya, I am taking your gig at the Brewery too but just till you 
get back, if you do get back. You do need a clarinet player however 
since you will be doing an extended engagement at the Snake Charming 

 Rev. Tom Bob

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 "Bob Romans" <cellblk7 at comcast.net> wrote about GLOWSHOW WORLD EVENTS.

 > Grab it Steve! Your band can all go in Drag...you'd be a big hit! :~)
 > Agent Romans
 > (I only want my usual 25%)

  Would if we could Bob, but they want a minimum of one month appearance 
  there. Since we are already booked for gigs during every month of 2006 
 locally, we do not have the time available.

  Rats!!!!! We always wanted to travel the Orient and Middle East as a 
 jazz version of "The Birdcage".

 No doubt "I Want A Little Girl" would go over big in Thailand.


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