[Dixielandjazz] Lake Ozark Annual Dixieland Jazz Festival

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I am planning on attending this festival and wonder if anyone knows if Tom 
Fischer is going to be playing clarinet with Banu this weekend. Tom and I go 
way back to our Indiana University days in the late 70s and I haven't seen 
him in more than 20 years. Any ideas about who Banu is bringing to Missouri 
this weekend? Thanks.

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> Since this IS the Dixieland Jazz Mailing List (DJML) I thought I would 
> mention another Dixieland Jazz Festival coming up October 27-30, whether 
> it has been mentioned before or not. These type of events have a tendency 
> to slip by, if they have been mentioned too early.
> Bob Ringwald recently pointed out to someone wanting to start a band in 
> N.C., but was not sure if there were any players there because of lack of 
> action on the DJML, that one of the best trombone players for OKOM, Bob 
> Havens, now lives in N.C.
> Bob Havens does still get out to festivals, and on the October 27th 
> weekend, he will be appearing with Lynn Zimmer & The Jazz Band as a 
> special guest along with Connie Jones on cornet at the Lake Ozark 
> Festival, as I am sure at least some of you are aware.  Perhaps Bob Havens 
> himself is lurking on the list and can comment?
> Not only is it a good small festival, but I know from having gone there 
> before a couple times that the area can be spectacular in fall colors at 
> this time. I believe they choose the dates to match their peek color in 
> that area?  Or so it seemed.  Past peek further north as I am.
> In addition to the above mentioned musicians, Banu Gibson & The New 
> Orleans Hot Jazz will be there too. Her regular New Orleans musicians most 
> likely. Also appearing is the West End Jazz Band from Chicago and Jean 
> Kittrell & The St. Louis Riverman.  If you want to see some great scenery 
> and hear some good Dixieland jazz, consider going.
> Just a few hours south, via scenic back roads, is Branson, Mo. Japanese 
> fiddle players and all.
> The telephone number for this festival is 800-964-6698 for rooms and 
> passes.
> The mailing address for checks is Country Club Hotel & Spa,
> P.O. Box 1599, Lake Ozark, Mo 65409
> I do NOT work for the festival and most likely will not even be there 
> myself this year, but all these festivals need all the support they can 
> get. Even the Sacramento Jazz Festival.  Right Ringwald?  None are too big 
> or too small to welcome your patronage as well as comments on the DJML. 
> Show your support where it hurts. Your pocketbook. Email is cheap, even if 
> the content on the DJML is NOT.
> Sorry to break into the threads again, if any are still going.  And any 
> redundancy in comments about this particular festival.
> Lowell Busching
> AKA Mad Dawg

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