[Dixielandjazz] Lake Ozark Annual Dixieland Jazz Festival

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    Since this IS the Dixieland Jazz Mailing List (DJML) I thought I 
would mention another Dixieland Jazz Festival coming up October 27-30, 
whether it has been mentioned before or not. These type of events have 
a tendency to slip by, if they have been mentioned too early. 

Oh contraire Mad Dawg:

   They should all be mentioned early and often if one wishes to fill 
them up and sell all the badges, most of us no longer just drop 
everything a week or less in advance and make plans to go to a 
festival.   Remember also that we areall getting older every year and 
that our forgetterers often work much better than our rememberers.

All events should start being promoted at least 48 days in advance and 
pumped strongly the last seven days just to remind and reinforce all 
your other advance publicity and promotional efforts, you promote 
heavily and  then save your advertising bucks for the last week.  If 
you promote well enough you may not even need to spend that advertising 
money :))  And can use it to pay the bands a bit better.  Or buy a few 
beers for the volunteers. :))


Tom Wiggins

  I do NOT work for the festival and most likely will not even be there 
myself this year, but all these festivals need all the support they can 
get. Even the Sacramento Jazz Festival. Right Ringwald? None are too 
big or too small to welcome your patronage as well as comments on the 
DJML. Show your support where it hurts. Your pocketbook. Email is 
cheap, even if the content on the DJML is NOT. 
  Sorry to break into the threads again, if any are still going. And any 
redundancy in comments about this particular festival. 
 Lowell Busching 
 AKA Mad Dawg 
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