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Larry Walton Entertainment larrys.bands at charter.net
Mon Oct 24 08:54:13 PDT 2005

I'm sure that everyone has a different idea on how to program dinner 
music but I usually do a lot of Latins particularly bossas but anything 
smooth is OK. Think elevator music.  Definately hot jazz solos are out 
but that doesn't mean that you can't play jazz at all but just keep it 
within reason.  I did a CC last year for about 7 weeks with a duo and it 
was extremely background.  I finally told the room manager where the 
volume control on the amp was so he could adjust it and I never heard 
another word out of him.  I think he just wanted to have control.  
Dinner music doesn't have to be boring. 

One guy I work for does a lot of vocals for din din but I don't think 
that's good.  Lyrics are for listening but dinner is for conversation 
and your listeners can't do both.
Larry walton
St. Louis

Jim Kashishian wrote:
> Someone asked yesterday about programming a dinner gig.  I expected to see
> lots of intelligent answers on DJML, but didn't see any at all.  Did no one
> give advice?
> I will put forth my idea then....play it like a normal gig, just holding
> down the tempos & the power.  We did an every Thurs evening gig in the
> swanky Westin Palace Hotel here for a couple of years, and that was the way
> we did.  
> Really driving tempos are a no-no, and toss in some show tunes:  Moonglow,
> Hello Dolly, Cabaret, New York, NY.  Do some Glenn Miller (In The Mood will
> always get dancers on the floor), Duke & Count.  Mix that all up with some
> light Dixie:  Jazz Me Blues,  Jeepers Creepers.  Keep it all light!  Watch
> your audience & play accordingly.  If you have a singer, tunes like
> S'Wonderful (slow) & It Had to Be You are well accepted, and gives your guys
> a chance to stretch a little.  
> Agree beforehand with whomever hires you that you are working for him/her,
> not the waiters & particularly the head waiter, who will only confound you
> with "it's too loud or it's too quiet"....usually both signals, given by
> alternating waiters!    :>
> Send me a private note if you wish to see the lovely room we played in.  A
> delight to see & be in, a nightmare to play in as it has a huge stain
> glassed dome over the whole room.....echo, echo, echo.
> Jim
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