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Sat Oct 22 16:52:56 PDT 2005

Bill Haesler wrote:

>Dear Friends,
>This has just come through.
>I¹m stunned!
>Chris was the long-time pianist with the Bob Barnard Band, one of the
>world's best jazz musicians and a wonderful friend to all who knew him.
>Kind regards,
>    I am devastated to inform you that Julian came to see me last night to
>say that his brother Chris had suffered a sudden haemorrage at home
>yesterday and died some time later in hospital. Our thoughts go to his wife
>Gwen and the family.
>Rod Gale Secretary
>CCLC Jazzleague
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>Dixielandjazz at ml.islandnet.com
I am also deeply saddened by this news -- I trust you referred to Chris 
Tapperell. He was one f the finest stride players I ever had the great 
good furtune to know and hear and even play a bit with. (Somewhere I 
have a tape with Bob's band when I sat in with them on a Michigan 
date.). Not as well known on this side of the drink was that Chris was a 
marvelous tenor sax man with a good deal of Eddie Miller leanings though 
clearly his own stylist. Please relay Jean and my deepest regrets to his 
family. The jazz world has lost a good one -- and all too many of them 
as of late. Chris was a standout in my mind and a model of survivor in 
his past health problems. In later years he spole even more in his music.
Thanks for passing this sad news on. Jean and I will tip a wee dram 
toward the Oz and say a little prayer to a friend gone too soon.
Don Ingle

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