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I unfortunately like so many others on this fine list did not know 
Chris, but the loss of  any musician friend of my friends on this list 
saddens me because having lost so many good ones in the past few years 
that I have been on this list is not a pleasant experience and I feel 
robbed of all the years that I missed knowing them or in some cases 
even of them.

I come from the school of   Any friend of a friend of mine that I 
consider a friend is welcome to be a friend of mine if he or she 
chooses to have a guy like me for a friend. :))

R.I.P. Chris  your friends will indeed miss you now that you are gone, 
I hope you rambled and if you hung out with some of these characters 
down under I am certain you did.

My sincere condolences to your family and  closest friends.

Tom Wiggins

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   Dear Friends,
This has just come through.
I¹m stunned!
Chris was the long-time pianist with the Bob Barnard Band, one of the
world's best jazz musicians and a wonderful friend to all who knew him.
Kind regards,

     I am devastated to inform you that Julian came to see me last night 
say that his brother Chris had suffered a sudden haemorrage at home
yesterday and died some time later in hospital. Our thoughts go to his 
Gwen and the family.
Rod Gale Secretary
CCLC Jazzleague

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