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They were singing the Rolling Stones tune:        Hey You Get Offa My 
Cloud         :))
 as the subpoenas were being passed out for the trespasser lawsuits.


Tom Wiggins

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 Decided to continue my comments on the subject.....

 This started with Bart Simpson's comment about Jazz (it sucks!).
 Immediately when I heard that, although I know the writers of that show
  strike out at everything that any group might consider to be sacred 
(*), I
  thought that he would have only been exposed to what is going for Jazz 
 days.....not our kind of jazz.

  However, in our kind of jazz we run into this problem, too, of some 
 playing for the musicians. Originally, Our Kind of Jazz was background
  music for bordellos & dancehalls. Some amount of chatter is going to 
go on,
  particularly in a night club. It might be just our egos that try to 
 Jazz to loftier heights, away from what is really our audience.

 An an audience = a group of happy people, I hope, and they will require
 entertainment, in my opinion.
  Best thing that has happened at a gig lately? An 80 yr old American 
  came up to me and said we had "made his trip" when we played Amapola. 
  the way to Spain to get happy with Amapola. You had to see his face, 
 smile. Makes it all worth it!

  (*) In the same series they showed a Protestant Heaven, where people 
  kinda bored & trying to be proper. Over on another cloud was the 
 Heaven, where various groups of Spanish, Italians, etc., were dancing &
  boozing & laughing, and the Irish group on the cloud were doing 
 Can't recall what was going on on the Jewish cloud.....

 Jim Kash
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