[Dixielandjazz] programming

Barrie Walter Marshall walter.marshall at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Oct 22 12:26:05 PDT 2005


I did a gig today for an 80th birthday party, the cornet player and I 
usually make a list at jazz gigs, clubs, festivals etc so that we don't 
repeat ourselves, we have a large repertoire and if you dont make lists you 
finish up playing the same thirty over and over again, he has lists going 
back years and always checks to see what we played there before and we make 
a new list, of course we have the perpetual wedding list that we never 
change, you know the stuff, It Had To Be You, Girl Of My Dreams, All Of Me, 
Aint She Sweet etc, anyway back to the gig this lunch time, it was another 
list, the popular tune list, ones that everybody knows, I went to the guy 
whose birthday it was and asked if he had any requests, he sort of looked at 
me and said he did not like to ask, then he fumbled in his pocked and 
produced an A5 sheet with a list, we had no problem with it here are a few 
he asked for: Climax Rag, Spain, Canal St Blues, Davenport Blues, Black Cat 
On The Fence, Faraway Blues, Hiawatha, we just went through his list and did 
not have time to do them all, we got lunch and free drinks and he gave us an 
extra £50 on top of what I had quoted, it was a five piece band and only 16 
people had been invited and it turned into a concert, everybody was 
listening! easy peasy, if only they where all like that, and one other 
thing, it was only four miles from where I live I could have gone there on a 

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