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> We had Vegas style
> show bands, a Big Band, Folk band, Comedy, and The Jazz Workshop,  with
> acts Like Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff, El Matador with acts like Chet
> Baker and Marion McPartland, Basin Street West, where I promoted Miles
> Davis, and Count Basie and Mr. D's where I booked Tony Bennet, Greek
> restaurants with Greek music, Italian Restaurants like Enricos with
> Italian Entertainment, a Morrocan restaurant with Middleastern
You are right.   Those were great times.   I used to play Greek music at the 
El Greco in North Beach and also at the Minerva on Eddy St.   I enjoyed going 
to Turk Murphy's for his great music as often as I could afford it.   There 
was also a really fine continental (French) accordionist at the French club 
across the street from the El Greco.
Lots of good music in those days.   Hard to find as much variety of good 
music, whether OKOM, Greek, or whatever in the City these days.

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