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Hi Lily:

He was being cautious and kind to you since he knew you knew something 
about music, and more than he for certain.

Those kind of teachers would explain it this way Blues and Jazz is 
really the same and sound so much alike, the only differences that Jazz 
is a Blues song which has a lot more notes, played a lot faster, and 
distorts the melody and is usually out of key because the jazz 
musicians never tune their instruments  they call that improvisation.   
A really good Jazz musician can play every note different every time to 
Jazz it up and confuse the Blues listeners who listen much more slowly. 
   Some of the Blues listeners even try to dance to Jazz which is not a 
nice thing to do to a Jazz musician who only wants you to listen to 
their very fast notes and worship them for allowing you to hear them.  

I gotta go practice my speed now so I can become a Jazz musician, :))

Cheers, and have a great jazzin' or bluesin'  weekend  or even a 
ragtime one, I'm takin' my boys out to play a heavy metal concert and 
convert them to OKOM.  :))

You see if you play Blues instead of Jazz you only have to hit two out 
of the four beats, and if your playing two beat blues one is usually 
enough, so long as it is the  correct ONE.   Hard to tell sometimes. :))


Tom "Backbeat" Wiggins  who at this advanced age plays only half fast.  

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    Actually, during my freshman year of high school, when we were 
studying the
1920s, I had a Social Studies teacher ask me that same thing.

"You know stuff about music, go up and, in about a minute, explain to 
the class
what the difference between jazz and blues is."

Needless to say, I was pretty dumbstruck. (Needless to say, that man 
was also
one of the worst teachers I've ever had.

Lily Korte

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I just lifted this post off another list for musicians:

I spared you guys my reply :))

Some of you that are retired need to give it up and go back and teach
them that is teaching your grandkids.


Tom I Dunno Squat cause I'm a drummer and not a real musician,

Thank Goodness  I could have turned out to be a music teacher like this
one :))   And to think they give these folks Degrees and credentials to
teach others.

The Post I swear:

What's The Difference between Blues and Jazz?

I'm a teacher who is going through a chapter on music. We're moving
into music styles, like jazz and blues. what's the difference between
these 2 genres? They sound so similar to me. I would appreciate any
responses asap. Thanks.

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