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Actually, during my freshman year of high school, when we were studying the 1920s, I had a Social Studies teacher ask me that same thing.
"You know stuff about music, go up and, in about a minute, explain to the class what the difference between jazz and blues is."
Needless to say, I was pretty dumbstruck. (Needless to say, that man was also one of the worst teachers I've ever had.
Lily Korte
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I just lifted this post off another list for musicians:

I spared you guys my reply :))

Some of you that are retired need to give it up and go back and teach 
them that is teaching your grandkids.


Tom I Dunno Squat cause I'm a drummer and not a real musician,

Thank Goodness  I could have turned out to be a music teacher like this 
one :))   And to think they give these folks Degrees and credentials to 
teach others.

The Post I swear:

What's The Difference between Blues and Jazz?

I'm a teacher who is going through a chapter on music. We're moving 
into music styles, like jazz and blues. what's the difference between 
these 2 genres? They sound so similar to me. I would appreciate any 
responses asap. Thanks. 

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