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I would like to chime in here as one of the Deacons,  I enjoy most of 
his Sermons and Preaching because he Never Takes up a Collection.   I 
would also add that I wish the Hell some of the older guys in OKOM 
would have been so forthcoming with information and advise way back 
when I started in the business.

I can also understand Jim's frustration because he is in a uniquely 
wonderful position and geographical location and has been the BEST and 
probably ONLY Band of our Kind there, with a much more receptive 
audience of younger folks who appreciate our music much more than most 
Americans.   Jim does not need the sermons because his Church is full 
every Sunday already and has no indication of the audience leaving 
anytime soon.   :))


Rev. Tom Bob

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>Steve wrote:
>Some folks on the DJML seem to think it is impossible to get jazz to 
>Schools and Colleges. And when I "preach" about getting jazz to young
>people, they rant and rave that I do not live in the real world.
>I'm sorry, Steve, but I don't see this subject being raised on DJML 
>much except by yourself.  The rest of us really aren't asking for such
>advice.  So why go on preaching?
>It's a bit like Bob Roman's repeated email this am, but his was by
>Respectfully, Jim


I'll play devil's advocate here. I appreciate Steve's posts, not just
because he's passionate about his feelings, but mainly because I've
learned quite a bit from him on ways to approach the problem of the 
of our Jazz Society members and its concurrent problems of diminishing
membership, attendance, and revenues. As a member of the Society's Board
of Directors, I find his ideas very welcome.

--Dick Miller

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