[Dixielandjazz] Maynard Ferguson in Glenelg

David Richoux tubaman at tubatoast.com
Wed Oct 19 19:09:50 PDT 2005

When I went to my 10 Year High School reunion they asked everyone to 
fill out a questionnaire - occupation, marital status, etc. I put 
"Palindrome Inspector" down as my occupation.

I didn't know they would print our jobs on our name-tags so when people 
started asking about what I did, and "what about those buildings that 
house Zeppelins" I began to realize most folks have no idea what a 
palindrome is!    Out of about 50 people I talked to only one English 
Language Major got the joke...

Dave Richoux

(I almost put "Cucumber Waxer" but I thought the other one was better 

OKOM content:  New York Hippodrome March by John P Sousa - why don't we 
hear that one more often?

On Oct 19, 2005, at 6:47 PM, Anton Crouch wrote:

> Hello all
> Not OKOM, but ...
> The news that Maynard Ferguson will be playing in Glenelg MD reminds 
> me of
> an amusing incident here in Oz.
> Many years ago I was at a seminar on traffic engineering (yes, really) 
> and
> a colleague was discussing the traffic-light management scheme at 
> Glenelg,
> a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia.
> He had a map of Glenelg projected onto the screen and I, in a moment of
> irreverance, said "Glenelg, that's a palindrome".
> Barely a pause, and he said "Yes, there it is" - and pointed to the
> racecourse.
> ??
> Anton

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