[Dixielandjazz] Crosby Spain Recording

Robert Newman bobngaye at surewest.net
Tue Oct 18 16:08:33 PDT 2005

The introduction on the Bob Crosby / Irving Fazola recording of Spain is 
actually the chords of the bridge of the tune.   It's also used for the 
ending of the recording.    A very nice arrangement.    Very simple and 
swings easily.   Pete Fountain heard me play it with Fulton Street down at 
the LA Classic Festival many years ago and said it was so nice to hear it 

Bob Newman

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I play as a feature as I am sure many clarinet players out there do a fine 
tune written by Isham Jones and Gus Kahn called 'Spain' of course the 
version we all know is by Irvin Fazola with Bob Crosby, I have just been 
informed via a phone call by my cornet player that it has a verse, on the 
Fazola recording there is an intro but I am almost sure that is not the 
verse, does anybody know of a recording of it or dots, thanks in 

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