Fw: [Dixielandjazz] Russians In Sacramento

Coastsidegiraffe at aol.com Coastsidegiraffe at aol.com
Tue Oct 18 00:05:28 PDT 2005

What a wonderful story about OKOM transcending barriers!   Thanks so much for 
Pacifica, CA

excerpted from Metz's wonderful post:
 Here we  were, two
> bands
> who could barely speak with one another, totally at ease scat  singing
> "Back
> Home In Indiana". There should have been a recorder  present!!!

>    On the Monday night at the Volunteers party, the  Russians invited us
> to
> join them on the stage at Freeway Gardens. Both bands  were on stage
> together
> for about a half hour, with me and the Russian pianist  trading places and
> playing 4 hands from time to time. After the closing tune,  the ovation
> from the
> crowd was deafening, and the young Russian pianist got so  excited he
> leaned
> over and kissed me a big smacker on the cheek. Interesting  evening.

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