[Dixielandjazz] Doc Severinsen

Robert Pulliam starwaterlogo at mpinet.net
Sun Oct 16 20:41:07 PDT 2005

From: <Custode at aol.com>

> I couldn't agree more.  When I was teaching trumpet privately, the
> for Now" LP was required listening.  I think it is probably the  best
> of modern trumpet playing to this day.  Everything from  melodic playing
> technical ability to extreme control in every range of the  instrument.  I
> think that only Allen Vizutti could pull that type of  playing off today.

>From what I understand, Allen was somewhat of a protege' of Doc's. I know he
was involved in producing some of Doc's recordings and wrote some things for
Doc. His sound isn't exactly the same but has a similar "dramatic" flair to
his approach.

> Some of that album is on a compilation CD called "Good Medicine", which
> has an unbelievable arrangement of "Love Story" and a neat tune by Don
> Sebesky titled "Brass Roots."  Both are amongst my favorites.

On the other hand, we won't talk about the song "Okefenoke" on the Brass
Roots album... I think a little too much alcohol (or whatever) got passed
around the day Sebesky wrote it, or when they decided that the song should
be on the album (or *any* album for that matter) and that Doc should sing
it. Worth listening to just for the chuckle factor.

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