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On his  "Rhapsody For Now" album, he
hits what has to be one of the prettiest  extreme high notes of all time.
Jumps up on an Eb over double C on the very  last note of an adaptation of
the old Carpenter's hit "A Song For You". Not  at all screechy but rather,
very violin-like. In fact, if I had to pick one  recording by Doc to
demonstrate his playing, that would probably be it.  Goes from low, mellow
and melodic to the  stratoshphere.

I couldn't agree more.  When I was teaching trumpet privately, the  "Rhapsody 
for Now" LP was required listening.  I think it is probably the  best example 
of modern trumpet playing to this day.  Everything from  melodic playing to 
technical ability to extreme control in every range of the  instrument.  I 
think that only Allen Vizutti could pull that type of  playing off today.
Some of that album is on a compilation CD called "Good Medicine", which  also 
has an unbelievable arrangement of "Love Story" and a neat tune by Don  
Sebesky titled "Brass Roots."  Both are amongst my favorites.
Lewis D.  Custode, Jr., CLU, ChFC, CASL

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