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Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Sun Oct 16 06:50:44 PDT 2005

Steve Barbone wrote about attendance in Europe at various functions.......

In many European capital cities, there is a street life that I don't find
present in U.S. cities in general.  In Spain there is the hour of the
"paseo", around 5 to 7 pm, when everyone takes to their neighborhood streets
for a stroll...old & young.  (They usually drop in for a drink at a corner
bar, also....not to be confused with a dark hole with boozers falling off
the bar stools.  These are family affairs, where snacks (tapas) are served,
and conversation is premium.  Kids running between your legs practically,
football on the tele, lots of noise & smoke.)

Then, there is the night life, particularly present in the older parts of
town, where many areas have been closed off to traffic & strolling is the
word.  This happens in many cities around Europe.  

We left our present club date last night at 1:30 am, only to walk out the
door of the club & not be able to move!  Honest!  The foot traffic was so
heavy that we were jammed in at the door.  This is on a street where no
traffic flows...only people! (My trombone case works well as a battering ram
in these situations!)  And, that was after playing two sets in a tiny club.
Not only was the standing room taken up in the club, but we had at least 30
kids (20 yr olds) sitting on the floor all around the bandstand.

It's only natural if there are that many people on the street, and you have
a loud Dixieland band going all out, that they're going to fill the joint.
Add decent prices for drinks, no cover charge, outstanding looking young
girls (which draw in the boys!), and you have a recipe for success.

Ok, we have a malls, etc., also, which do draw their own crowds, but the
main thing is that people are on foot.  I've actually had kids in the U.S.
drive by me while walking on a street yelling at me, taunting me for
walking!  And, once a police car stopped me while walking in Los Angeles to
ask me what I was doing!!!  

What's the solution for you U.S.'ers?  Pool your savings & come over for a
visit!  I doubt if the U.S. is going to change at this late date, so if you
want a taste of it, come on over!  Don't try to "do Europe" in a week.  Pick
a couple of nice spots, and settle down, go for a stroll, stay out late at

Jim (smilin') Kash

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