FW: [Dixielandjazz] Dresden Dixieland Festival

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Sun Oct 16 04:00:39 PDT 2005

Steve wrote:
I suspect that these days, now that Dresden is an integral part of a
reunified Germany things are quite different.


Yes, I mentioned we travelled behind the Wall & were escorted by
"translators", who were poorly disguised secret police.  That part, of
course, will be different.  

However, attendance at the festival will not have changed much, I wouldn't
think.  The reason the festival worked back then was it was actually a form
of self expression that for some reason was being allowed.  The people, the
whole city, took advantage of that, so now that people have more freedom (&
probably more concerts of all types), the festival would not take on this
particular "freedom of expression" thing it had then.  Just speculation on
my part. 

We had no doubt in the reason for the large crowds.  You could feel it.
They were desperate for a bit of good time, and Dixieland is harmless
enough.  I would say the festival is exactly the same now.  And, of course,
you can take your Euros with you!  

In the Natural Gas photos you can see the large park picture (piano in
foreground) where full attendance means 10,000 people. The day we played, it
kept raining off & on....umbrellas up/umbrellas down!  Not a soul moved from
their spot.  (The band was on a covered stage.)  Lots of little kids played
quietly on the edge of the stage.  A very family affair.

 The club picture at the bottom of their story is where all the bands take
their turn playing.  Very hot...very noisy!  Good fun.  Also done in a
rotating of bands throughout the night.

We also played off of a balcony from a huge building (can't remember much
about it), and the crowds were way below us.  Bit weird!  We did the street
concerts (with a stage, sound and backline set up), and various theater
concerts, including the big one they do in a fancy auditorium, and each band
plays 3 songs. 


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