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BIAB is the best tool you can get for what you describe.  Actually it only
takes a few minutes to put in chords.  I put one hand on the measure and
type the chords with the other and I do a standard 32 bar tune in about 10
minutes.  You do have to watch getting lost so I don't really recommend
touch typing.  I put tunes in complete with music, words, intro and changing
around the styles in less than an hour and sometimes even less if it's an
easy tune.  But for improv you only need chords.  Click on the music note
(Right side) to go to the spreadsheet page and the N on the left side of the
page for note input.  Go to preferences to put a -2 in the pitch adjust box
if you want to read notes off the screen.

There is a section that has about a zillion blues progressions. Want to
practice sight reading?  Tell it to compose a melody line and go for it. You
can get other tunes off the net. Look for the links connected to BIAB or
Norton (Norton Music) Let me know what you want and if I have them I'll send
you some tunes.  I do use some Norton styles so you might have to change the
style if they come up saying it can't find the style.

Norton has a lot of stuff commercially available for BIAB but usually it
won't have the melody lines because that violates the copyright laws.  I
think they have the Real Book and some other things. They are on the web
just google Norton Music.

I use BIAB all the time with a friend to play nursing homes and other gigs.
They love it and I do pretty well.  In the last few years I've accumulated
about 600 tunes.  I like putting them in.  I have learned how to get it to
compose a clarinet part above the melody.  Put it through a good sound
system and it's pretty cool.

If you need to know anything about it contact me off the list.

Larry Walton
St. Louis
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> So I did something stupid and ordered B/B thinking it was just a play
> device.  I have just learned having Downloaded it into my computer, that
> really does not have any stansard tunes.  I really could not fiqure out
how to
> use what was in there.  It seemed very confusing to me.  So I am thinking
> should send it back, or ios there a value here that I do not recognize.  I
am not
> going to sit and input the chords for the dixie standards.  I am a reed
> working on improving my improvisation skills.
> Richard  Redmond
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