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> Sandy....
>     I will not be able to occupy my condo for at least 3 months, and more 
> likely 6 months.  The condo will having a meeting to discuss whether to 
> accept a check for total destruction, and just bulldoze the place.  I'm 
> for that...I'm too old to start tearing up the rugs, and ripping out all 
> the cabinets, counters, and vanities to replace the moldy sheetrock 
> underneath.
>     I have canceled my TV cable, phone, and internet cable service.  I'm 
> still accesing the account from other computers, but I'm not sure how long 
> that will last.  It could be cut off as soon as Cox cable finds I'm no 
> longer a paying subscriber.  Please forward this to everyone.  My only 
> communication is my cell phone 504-621-9404, or Vera's home phone 
> 504-888-3905.
>       thanks.............................Pat

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