[Dixielandjazz] Encore 4.5.2

Will Connelly willconnelly at bellsouth.net
Tue Oct 11 21:03:52 PDT 2005

Faced with the problem of running XP and Encore 4.2 not working with it, 
I upgraded to 4.5.2.  I think it cost  $125 for the upgrade,  but  I 
don't think  GVOX will sell it to you unless you're the registered  
(Kosher!) owner of a previous version.

As to how 4.5.2 works: to all intents and purposes, like 4.2. I don't 
recall running into any differences operationally. However, once you 
import 4.2 files into 4.5.2, when they are next saved they are no longer 
readable in 4.2. The solution is to save the 4.2 files on floppies or 
CDs before you start screwing around with the originals.

I've never used Sibelius. I tried Finale, and gave up on it.  For 
composing and scoring jazz quartet to maybe 18 - 20 piece big band jazz, 
Encore is the simplest, most intuitive program I've tried. There are no 
figures or tempos or marks that are likely to be used in  non 
classical/non John Cage types of music; the adjustables (measures per 
staff, key and time changes, staves per page, etc) are easy to learn and 
use. The printouts are quite controllable and look fine.

The only thing I've ever wanted that Encore doesn't provide are slashed 
note stems; if you want eight sixteenth notes in a drum part, you have 
to write eight sixteenth notes instead of a half note with slashes 
through the stem.  But then, who writes drum parts? How many drummers do 
you know who read??


Will Connelly

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