[Dixielandjazz] New Orleans musicians Katrina & Rita relief

tcashwigg at aol.com tcashwigg at aol.com
Fri Oct 7 12:32:22 PDT 2005

Hi folks:

For all of you who do not have Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band CDs 
and would like to have them here is a way to get them and help us help 
displaced New Orleans musicians at the same time  "DIRECTLY"

We have donated 1000 CDs and 1000  Band T-Shirts  to:

Ambassadors of American Culture to be sold to raise money for employing 
and helping New Orleans musicians and bands find work and replace 
instruments and other emergency needs.

Ambassadors of American Culture is a charitable non-profit Performing 
Arts & Education organization. #2745486
1234 Laurel Lane Suite #2
Lafayette, California 94549-2618

All donations are Tax deductible:

For a Donation of only $50.00 we will
send you: postage and handling included:

#1.   Jammin' on the Street Corner  CD
#2.   Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band  CD
#3.   St. Gabriel's T-Shirt   (please state size )

All donations will go directly to support New Orleans musicians and 
events to hire them.

You can also request Jazz For Kids in Kiddie sizes  for $10.00 each  to 
support our Jazz For Kids School program.

Make Checks, payable to Ambassadors of American Culture and mail to the 
above address.

T-Shirt designs are by List mate  Nancy Giffin
CD covers also were designed by Nancy Giffin.

Any bands needing design work she does great work and reasonable.

  If you already have the CDs,  you can still donate and give them to 
somebody else and help this great cause at the same time.
Of course Donations of any amount are accepted.

Thank you,

Tom Wiggins
Executive Director

Any other bands that have left over CDS you would like to get rid of 
can also donate them to this fund for a tax deduction and we will 
include them in premiums for donations at upcoming events to donors.   
Will get your group promotion and publicity to new audiences for you as 
well, please include contact information for us to distribute about 
your band and mailing list and ordering for new Cds etc.

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