[Dixielandjazz] Another vintage record site. Has this one been posted already?

Lowell Busching verbose at daktel.com
Thu Oct 6 23:23:42 PDT 2005

Subject: Another vintage record site. Normally up to 1939

This site  has several options. One is at the top of the home page which 
  goes  to a 24 hr Internet "radio" station on Live365.com. Apparently 
some peoples firewalls will not allow you to connect to their player 
unless you specify to clear that "common" web based radio site.

Further down the page are about 45 selections for individual songs they 
have posted, and various combination to listen. This is on site and 
should play with your default media player. There is a line you can 
click that will play them all in sequence, or only the first 15 etc.
 > http://www.dismuke.org/Electric/August99.html

More recordings are archived further down the page.
 > They also have a "special" from 1941 that they admit is somewhat 
outside their dates.
 > Stop The War (The Cats Are Killin' Themselves)
 > New!(Audio file updated 9/14/03)
 > Wingie Manone And His Orchestra             1941

Avoiding any political comments which do not belong on the DJML I am:
Lowell Busching, aka Mad Dog.

PS If this is a commonly known site, forgive me. I just recently came 
back to the DJML after a long absence.

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