[Dixielandjazz] message for Will Connelly

Richard Westlund richard.westlund at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 3 08:09:54 PDT 2005

I'm a freelance business writer in Miami preparing an article on The 
Singing Machine for World City, the Coral Gables magazine. I ran across 
you name on a 2004 article in Electronic Musician about the karaoke 
market, and wondered if you'd like to contribute a comment or two about 
the company - and if it's still the largest karaoke manufacturer. 
Unfortunately, I'm on a tight deadline (what else is new) and would need 
to hear back from you today or tonight. Thanks very much - feel free to 
email a comment or give me a call if that's easier. Thanks!
-Richard Westlund
richard.westlund at earthlink.net

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