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Mike C. mike at michaelcryer.com
Mon Oct 3 07:34:44 PDT 2005

Hi Pat,

  I'll agree that the great guys probably needed very little practice or 
almost none. But, Coltrane practiced. So did Armstrong and Goodman. 
Coltrane practiced upwards of 8 hours a day regardless if he had a gig 
or not and then he'd practice in between sets.

Nice post Pat, now cuse me while I go practice.


pat ladd wrote:
> Everyone benefits from practice.>>
> Mike,
> for ordinary mortals this may well be true, but if I mistake not, you 
> were replying to a letter from La Gunter whose musicianship is not to be 
> judged on the same basis as others.
> Know then, that those who have received their musical gifts, as in the 
> case of  Gunter and Nero, directly from the gods (harp dble wshbrd) no 
> such need exists.
> The talent just IS.
> Abjuring may not be too strong a word, any attempt to polish technique 
> or to improve the basic `count to two and hit something` philosophy 
> Gunters star has flashed through the heavens leaving other exponents of 
> the washboard as mere dim pinpricks in the black velvet night of the 
> ordinary musicians universe.
> We lesser mortals can only cower in the darkness and thank him humbly 
> for allowing us, for one brief moment, to share in the warmth and 
> reflected glory of his passage.
> He also sings.
> Cheers
> Pat

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