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In my experience with polychoral singing in cathedral-like settings 
(Calvary Presbyterian, Riverside, CA, eg), the entire show depended on 
the conductor, and he relied solely on the visual.  Add multiple 
conductors to the picture, and you can imagine how crucial it was NOT to 
even CARE what the sound was doing, but what the conductor's HANDS were 
By Jove, I think F.R. MJ Mike has hit upon something I never thought 
about..... The conductor's roll of swinging his hands around evolved from the fact 
that the orchestra was spread out with members more than 50 foot apart from each 
other.  Who's beat was on the mark?  Who had the REAL time?  Musicians were 
taught from an early age to not depend on their ears but the VISUAL cue from the 
conductor was THE BEAT..... imagine that... man figured out a solution to the 
problem before stage monitors and headphones and electronics!

Gordon of Northridge.

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