[Dixielandjazz] Democracy in the band

john petters johnpetters at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Mar 30 14:03:12 PST 2005

Jim said
>I only mentioned that, sometimes, on a large stage, I can feel a "less
>compact" rhythm than usual, and I feel it could be solved by a better
>monitor mix.

Maybe the answer is too much amplification and too much space between the
I have this problem from time to time, especially when the bass is between
me and the piano. I always prefer to be next to the piano with the acoustic
bass next to me on the other side. Quite often when I am playing heavy ride
or snare drum with sticks and the time holds firm, I have known some bass
players and pianists to wobble if I play real soft with brushes. It is
always better when we are all unplugged and close to each other. I certainly
do not want to hear the sound coming out of monitors, except my own voice if
I'm singing, even then, I would far sooner cup my ear to get the pitch.

John Petters
Amateur Radio Station G3YPZ

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