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David W. Littlefield dwlit at cpcug.org
Tue Mar 29 10:48:17 PST 2005

At 07:15 PM 03/29/05 +0200, Jim Kashishian wrote:
>One of the shows in the theater featured an ex-Platter....He is an
excellent showman & has a very strong voice....  He did a 45 min show
backed by playback,
>which included backing voices, even.  He handled it well, by referring to
>the band leader as though he were behind the closed curtain, and even
>announcing the name of a sax player during a sax solo.  He stopped the band
>(turning his back to us & waving at the curtain...good fun, that!) when
>there was a only a patter of applause when he started the big hit "Only
>You".  He told us all off for not going ape, then started the band by
>counting it off (good sound technician there!), and got a huge roar &
>applause after the "Only Youuuuuu" this time around.  (I took note of that
>little trick for future personal use!)

You forgot the "d" in "Ondly you"...
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