[Dixielandjazz] S.F. Jazz Collective

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 28 21:12:02 PST 2005

Ha, Ha, Mike and Tom aren't too thrilled with the S. F. Jazz Scene. I can
only add that things are that way all over.

In defense of those who produce festivals, get grant money, and promote Jazz
in any form, anywhere, I can only say that but for them, where would jazz
be? Further OUT OF NOWHERE then it is now.

Lincoln Center Jazz Band is a "working" jazz band and so I guess if you want
to play in it you had damn well better move to New York City. Many of those
"New York" musicians in it moved there. They now make their living there.

They get lots of grants, but then so what? They do more for the visibility
of jazz and the rest of us combined. The market for jazz has increased
tremendously since they came on the scene. Those that have not seen the
increased gig effect due to LCJB's presence, are either playing bad music in
bad bands, wired into the wrong music scene, or incompetent marketers.

I know nothing about the jazz promoter in SF, but if he's doing it wrong,
then go do it right and move him aside. Regarding the S F Jazz Collective,
all I know is that it is a GREAT jazz band. If they don't live there at
least part of the time, then all the more power to their musicianship. They
get grants? So what? Certainly if they were able to make a living in San
Francisco, no doubt they would move there. SF should be grateful that the
Jazz Collective uses SF in their name.

Sponsors/Grants/Public Support/Tax Dollars are what make the Arts available.
Public radio helps support Jim Cullum's band. Sees Candies helps support Jim
Cullum's Band. Are we now going to bitch about that? Gee whiz, I hope not.
More power to Jim Cullum. Hope they get more. It helps us all.

What about IAJE? Many think they too are not really doing much to promote
jazz TO THE AUDIENCE. Some folks say that musical education in High Schools
is throttled by IAJE. Because they are "protecting" their turf. Etc.



Lincoln Center Jazz Band & Friends.
SF Jazz Collective
Jim Cullum

And a few others on a much lesser scale such as Mike Vax, Tom Wiggins and
Steve Barbone. (without grant money)

Bottom line. How about we just do it instead of moaning about the sorry
state of affairs in the jazz world. That's the way it is all over. In all
BUSINESSES. And make no mistake, JAZZ IS A BUSINESS.

Steve Barbone

PS. Just returned from a gig at Showboat Casino in Atlantic City. Been
offered a "steady". Now worrying that I have too many gigs and not enough
days in the week/month/year to do them all. If my band got a grant tomorrow,
I wouldn't know what the hell to do with it. Why aren't we all in that same
situation? Simple answer, we all haven't been concentrating on developing
the audience. Most of us have been to damn busy protecting our shrinking
turf, such as it is. How stupid can we be?


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