[Dixielandjazz] MO NKSIELAND at the Iridium in NYC.

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 28 19:45:40 PST 2005

1650 BROADWAY (Corner of 51st)
NEW YORK, NY 10023
RESERVATIONS: 212-582-2121, http://www.iridiumjazzclub.com
Sets at 8 & 10PM

March 30-April 3 Roswell Rudd - Monksieland Band
with Dave Douglas, Don Byron, Jean Jacques Avenel and John Bestch

"Steve Lacy and I began a musical partnership back in the early 60™s devoted
exclusively to performing the works of Thelonious Monk. Both of us had come
up on older music and both heavily into Dixieland. Our approach at the time
was to come as close as we could to being faithful to the  inherent
structures of Monk's music. As time went on we were able to absorb these
very original forms to where we could also project our own voices. Every
time Lacy and I recorded or performed together, the Monk bond experience was
always in the picture. This year Steve came to me and said, "let's do
Monksieland!" We had come full circle." - Roswell Rudd

--Below is my Note about Roswell Rudd.

Rudd got his Dixieland Start with a band at the Hotchkiss Prep School in
Connecticut, and then went on to Eli's Chosen Six (Dixieland) at Yale. Then
to NYC Dixieland dates in the late 50s. Then on to the world of Avant Garde.
If any trad fans are in NYC, go see this performance it is sure to be
interesting, to say the least.

It may even connect the dots between Dixieland and Monk's music. :-) VBG

Steve Barbone

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