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The most annoying form of "applause" is the conjoint, continuous handclaps 
of an audience that thinks it is in time with the tune being played. This 
becomes a rippling noise because of the difference in the audience's 
individual timing, adding a confusing "people's instrument" to the rhythm 
section. David Baker, the respected jazz educator and band leader, even 
requests it! "At some time during the night's performance, Baker will urge 
the audience to snap fingers and clap hands. 'When people just sit there and 
don't respond, I say , "No, no! Don't listen to us as though we were an 
artifact. Listen to us and react'". ("Smithsonian", September, 1996). No, no 
thanks! Cheers.
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> Larry of LARRY'S Signs and Large Format Printing writes:
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>> I prefer to enjoy
>> the Jazz convention of applause for solos as well as at the end of tunes.
>> Additionally I thank the audience by a wave or tip of the hat.  I think 
>> it
>> helps to bond the audience with me, the musician.
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> Bob Ringwald responds:
> Unfortunately, the habit of aplauding for every solo, good or bad, has 
> become the norm.
> Often, especially at a Jazz Club where very amateur musicians might be 
> playing, they get as much of an aplause as a professional/exelent musician 
> will get.
> I especially hate to see this when a youth band is playing and a trumpet 
> player who has no talent at all for improvising has learned that if he 
> plays a high note that does not fit in the solo, he will get a bigger 
> aplause.  I feel that this fosters showboating in a young player and is, 
> in the long run, unfair to him.
> --Bob Ringwald K6YBV
> Placerville, CA USA
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