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This has to do with rules.  Americans generally don't like following them.
The no applause rule for solos and at the end of movements is one that only
classical audiences follow.  Some of those people are trying to impress
their peers with how educated they are and that they are a member of the
intellectual elite. If most of the American public were in this group of
intellectual elite, Jr high school teachers wouldn't have to instruct the
audience in the etiquette of concerts.

For those that really enjoy the music applause may destroy the mood and I
personally follow the convention when I go to this type of performance
because many passages and movements are delicate or have quiet meaning.  I
find it annoying when I'm really listening and I respect the other listener.

It took Jazz many years to be accepted in polite company and as we all know
Jazz was considered low class.  Now the elite want to claim Jazz and impose
the rules of classical music where none existed before.  I prefer to enjoy
the Jazz convention of applause for solos as well as at the end of tunes.
Additionally I thank the audience by a wave or tip of the hat.  I think it
helps to bond the audience with me, the musician.

There is another difference.  When I'm done playing members of the audience
often come up and talk with me and complement my playing or the band  or etc
etc.  The symphonic and many classic players stay aloof and split out the
back door as fast as possible.  There are two reasons for this.  First we
are more hands on and have a close relationship with our audience the other
players hold themselves above the audience (and all other musicians too) and
the audience doesn't feel free to approach them or to talk with them.
Secondly the Jazz musicians must make people happy, their continued booking
depends on it.  The classical musician is often supported by grants and
other free money whereas the Jazz musician isn't and has to hustle for their
bucks.  We never know when the guy that comes up to tell us how he liked us
might be our next Employer.

There are different rules for jazz and classic and that's all there is to

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> I have not been to that many classical concerts.  In fact, I have not been
> to one since I was about 10 years old.
> The other night I went to a local high-school concert.  They had the choir
> do 3 tunes, then a very, very good Jr high orchestra, then an indoor drum
> bugle corps & then the high-school concert orchestra.  The
> announced to the audience that it is traditional not to clap between
> movements.
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