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I received the following e-mail today from Ed Metz. Sorry to have forgotten to mention Paul Hubbell in the line-up. Also, I should have spelled Parke's name correctly. Thanks for the info Ed.
Marty Nichols
Trombone Player

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In a message dated 3/23/2005 3:24:45 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, marnichols at yahoo.com writes:
I hope I'm not  leaving anyone out. I'll be playing this Sun. (Easter) with the band.

Dear Marty, as I've had the opportunity to "sit in" at Squid Lips on two occasions using Debbie's keyboard, don't forget Paul Hubbell on reeds. He was there both times that I was there. I guess you should also remind people of the jazz and OKOM next door at Captain Hiram's.
Also, Billy Mure, Paul and I, plus a whole bunch of other guys (Red Hawley, Rabbit Simmons, Parke's daughter Melody plus a large contingent of great players from Orlando) will be performing in Vero on Saturday afternoon in a tribute concert for Parke at the Art Museum. Although the concert is sold out according to the folks from the Treasure Coast Jazz Society, there may be some way of getting in if anyone is interested.
Regards, Ed Metz

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