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Rumor has it that Mike Vax is too modest to post this on the DJML. In case
that's true, here it is. If he did post it, sorry for the duplication.

Yessir, Bug Bands are OKOM, so all you left coasters, Wiggins, et al in the
Bay Area, please fall by and support our list mate.

Steve Barbone
Thanks for the plug Steve.
I am one of the few people crazy enough to actually run three big bands.  The 
Kenton Alumni Band - which of course, leaves on tour in a week; the Mike Vax 
Jazz Orchestra which is in residence in the Bay Area and is the band that is 
doing this concert on April 17th; and the Swing Shift Big Band which is a band 
I front in Prescott, AZ where our second home is.
I also produce a festival there, the weekend before Labor Day each year.  It 
is run like a jazz party and we have a great time. Special guests this year 
are Bob Florence on piano, Marvin Stamm on trumpet and Gary Hobbs on Drums.
Sometimes I think I have too many projects going at once!!!!
Mike Vax

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