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Dear Charles,
Thank you--I have the book but was too lazy to use it and relied on my too 
often faulty memory! I should have added that Sascha Feinstein is the author 
of "Jazz Poetry: From the 1920s to the Present", and  co-author, with Yusef 
Komunyakaa, of  "The Jazz Poetry Anthology", and "The Second Set: The Jazz 
Poetry Anthology, Volume 2".  I could not have remembered the name of her 
co-author and would therefore have turned to their books for confirmation. 
No doubt I would have noted Feinstein's correct name too. I think I have it 
all OK this time, but...! With regards.
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>> Fred Spencer wrote:
>> Sascha Fein's ''Bibliographic Guide to Jazz Poetry'"is a good starting 
>> point for more information on this topic  John Betjeman is certainly 
>> worth a few moments of anyone's time. Regards.
> The book is by Sascha Feinstein, who is also the editor of a fine little 
> magazine, "Brilliant Corners: A Journal of Jazz & Literature" ($12 a year, 
> Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA 17701). The poems are all about jazz 
> but I don't know of a book that provides a much-needed discography of 
> jazz/poetry collaborations.
> Charlie Suhor

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