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> I was not talking about MY show - but the overall KFJC audience ;-) We 
> have many thousands of albums, singles and CDs in our library 
> (collected over 45 years) and some of the most unusual music available 
> in the world! (BTW, it will soon be possible for you all to search our 
> library database - I will post the URL when it is published. Lots of 
> old jazz recordings!)

Just yanking your chain a bit mate, 
That's what makes your station so cool Dave, it is a Real Radio Station not 
afraid to play anything.  :))

Problem is in the valley where I live I don't think I can get the signal, I 
have the same problem with KKSF and KPFA I do now however get a good signal 
from KBAY since they now call it Walnut Creek/San Francisco.  I must have missed 
something, did they by the local station in WC and change it to KBAY when I 
was not looking or listening?

I used to love to wake up on Sunday mornings and hear the German Polka bands 
on KBAY, at least I think it was KBAY  seems it was out of San Jose at that 
time (70s)

Or I might just be losing it altogether and have them confused with another 
station.  When you have been around here as long as I have and seen all your 
favorite stations change formats several times it gets hard to keep up with it.

I started with Emperor Gene Nelsen and KEWB, who made me a STAR the first 
time, :)) later KNEW country and I have no idea what happened to it after that.
I spent an evening back there where it all started with listmate Bob Williams 
a couple of weeks ago.   Whew, brought back a lot of memories that the  1/2 
pint Sloe Gin and Coca Cola did not wipe out.  :))

  Not to mention all the changes at KFRC since the days of Bobby Mitchell & 
Tom Donahue, and KYA. and KSOL and KDIA.

Heck none of these guys ever even heard of OKOM, :))   But in those days 
neither had I.

Musical content:

"Born too Late"

Heck I can't even live Fast Die Young and Leave a Beautiful Memory anymore 
where did I go wrong??? :))    Well with the average age of my OKOM friends I 
guess that is still a possibility, perhaps I can become the James Dean of OKOM 


Tom Wiggins

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