[Dixielandjazz] RE: Inappropriate? No

Martin Nichols marnichols at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 18 20:32:15 PST 2005

With all due respect to Charles Suhor, in my opinion there are no inappropriate linkups in music. 
Case in point: One example put forth was "Urbie Green playing Ory's Creole Trombone".
Not so.
I have recorded a NPR broadcast called "Trombone Madness" which features no less than four Giants of the trombone playing that particular number. 
Read em: Bob Havens- Russ Phillips- Kenny Rupp- and the fabulous Mike Pittsley. I put those guys in Urbie"s league in a heart-beat.
I believe Urbie has probably played it, though I can't prove it. 
With a smile,
Marty Nichols

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