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Fri Mar 18 17:50:37 PST 2005

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tubaman at batnet.com writes:

> Hey! - Shatner has always been a hot request at KFJC - he is featured 
> on a CD collection called "Golden Throats" and his unique renditions of 
> popular songs are beyond reproach! ( I actually own several of his 
> recordings.)
> But did you go out and Buy them with your own money  ??  :))

I hear he is Headlining at Burning Man this year ??

Requests for William Shatner?? I don't doubt it but am still ROTFLMAO just 
thinking about it.  He must be paying the Treckies to call into the stations and 
request him. :))

I did a Gaaaawwwk when I heard his first Priceline .com commercial.
Is that an indication of the musical sophistication of your audience Dave ?  
wow I thought you played OKOM  :))


Tom (Wretch)  Wiggins

Now if he had recorded them under the name Denny Crane I would respect them 
as genuine musical talent, :))

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