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> Let's see, how can we adapt OKOM to poetry? Maybe with poems like the
> Midnight Ride of Paul Revere? Suggestions?
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone

Why bother, how many Poets do you know that are working 160 gigs a year ( a 
lifetime)  except maybe Charlie :))

The great North Beach Poetry festival had more folks at the arts and crafts 
booths all day for two days than they ever had listening to the poets, who 
mostly sit around in the sidewalk cafe's and try to get anyone to listen every day 
of the week anyway.

Now that's a tough way to try and make a living, unless of course you are a 
soulful "Trust Fund Recipient" wealthy enough to be as  eccentric as you wanna 
be. :))

Now in all fairness there is an exception to the above statement.  

Unfortunately it is called "RAP" which is what you get when you try to put 
music to poetry these days.  PUlleeeeeze don't anybody encourage it.


Tom "It don't Rhyme" Wiggins

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