[Dixielandjazz] Unforgiveable Blackness

Sean McGuire smcguire157 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 16 08:54:45 PST 2005

I have re-subscribed to DJML after some years away, and still have trouble 
keeping up with the flow, so forgive me if this ground has already been 
covered.  The Ken Burns documentary on Jack Johnson, Unforgiveable 
Blackness, shown this season on PBS, credited both  Burns and  Wynton 
Marsalis for the soundtrack selections.  These men have impeccable 
credentials, so when much of the soundtrack was filled with early jazz, I 
figure they know better than I, but still. . . when we're talking a prize 
fight in say, 1908 or 1910, should we really be hearing the music of the 
early  jazz age?   I'm thinking some ragtime, some of that James Weldon 
Johnson stuff, JP Sousa. . .
    I tried but can't find an e-mail address for Burns, so I thought it best 
to go to the guys and gals who ought to know.   Thanks in advance

Sean McGuire
Plainville, MA

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