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> Do they know about this "Asian" thing?
> Cheers,
> Mr. Moto

It's a uniquely Third or fourth generation American Asian thing Me thinks, 
something they learned in college from our esteemed PC professors.

I have hosted well over three hundred Asian college students from Taiwan, 
Korea, Japan, and China and never once have any of them used the A word.  They 
have always been distinctly referred to as one of the above by each other and 
proud of it.

I can recall many conversations after they left and returned to their 
respective countries about them still being great friends with the Korean Girl and 
the Taiwanese girl or boy they met and lived with in my home.  Many of them get 
together for years and go on vacations together to interesting places as well 
as travel back and forth to each others countries for weekend trips etc.

I have also visited my former students in Turkey and found that in Istanbul 
they have a European side and an Asian side.  Most of the work and major 
business is conducted on the Asian side and much of the newer and more modern 
residential properties are located on the European side.  Not too much unlike New 
York/New Jersey situation.

Istanbul has about 14 million population currently.  The only Asians I saw 
there were Japanese tourist, and an occasional Chinese restaurant.


Tom " HOP SING" Wiggins

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