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> They were recorded with the Band's permission.
Does not anyone think that the Band might just be thrilled if somebody made 
recordings of their shows, unless of course they did so from the masters when 
they were performing there.


There are other ways to use them by a Jazz Society than selling them for 

Why are they not using a little creativity in the true Preservation of the 
music and Jazz as they are supposed to be doing?  They do not and should not 
have to make a profit for themselves personally.  However there is nothing wrong 
with making CDs and using them as promotional items for the preservation of 
the music and recordings to distribute as premiums for joining the Jazz Society 
as a thank you and the money can then be used to offer scholarships, jazz 
camps, educational and music appreciative functions for many people.  As well as 
audience development for Washboard music.

They could of course burn all of them except one and then offer it as the 
only one RARE Washboard Recording in existence of the group and auction it off at 
Sotheby's as ART, taking the money and putting it back into the society 
coffers to PRESERVE the MUSIC a few more years.

Someday PBS will be airing another show like the Ken Burns one and will be 
looking everywhere for tapes like those to recreate history.
> The offer via me on the DJML was to find them a worthy home for the cost of
> the postage from PJS to winner.

A worthy home to me would be one that would do something with them rather 
than allow them to sit in a closest and deteriorate away to useless reels of old 
tape doing absolutely no good for any one especially any legacy that the Group 
might have had.

Heck they might be the next ODJB if they were to be marketed and the world 
got turned on to Washboard music.  Stranger things have happened, Like Tiny TIM 
tiptoeing thru the Tulips.

> All replies would be vetted by me so tapes would not end up being
> commercially used in any way, or resold for profit. PJS asked me to be the
> middle man, judge and jury and I accepted that thankless task with the full
> realization that many would have varied opinions and I would end up being
> the lightning rod. And so I posted their availability.
> As Jon Erik Kellso pointed out, once you give permission to be recorded, you
> no longer have any control of the records WHATSOEVER. But in this case,
> OBVIOUSLY PJS IS TRYING TO DO THE RIGHT THING as well as protect them from
> commercial use.
> I don't personally agree that they are doing the RIGHT THING AT ALL because,
Music is made to be heard and enjoyed, not stored on a reel of tape and put 
in a display cabinet where maybe someday people will attend a museum to see the 
reel of tape that is no more useful in that state than the millions of others 
in the city dumps buried under tons of garbage.

PS.  You did not mention if any of the music was any good or listenable, if 
it is, seems to me the Washboard society should jump at the chance to get them 
and find a creative way to release them strictly for the benefit of preserving 
the music, and the best way in the world to do that is through EXPLOITATION 
not sitting in a museum.

Well, that's my two cents worth on the matter.

Tom Wiggins

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