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Craig I. Johnson wrote:

>Also throw in 2 of my favorite tracks 
>from Billy May's "Sorta Dixie" album (now on CD.)
>"Sheik of Araby" and "Oh By Jingo"
>I know Paul Edgerton mentioned those tunes, but 
>the Billy May renditions are classic.
>Which also brings to mind "Hindustan" 
>"(the cobra is back in the basket") by the Rampart Street Paraders LP CL 648
>- features some real fun trombone schtick by Abe Lincoln.
>Other old tunes:
>"Arab Strut"(Giomi), Araby (Berlin)
> "Down in Bom-Bombay", "Down in Hindu Town"
>"Lady of the Nile" (Isham Jones),: My Castle on the Nile" (J. Rosamund Johnson),
>Hindoo Hop (Levy)
>(probably as 'PC' as "Darktown".) and further east - "Japanese Sandman."
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I add these:

Limehouse Blues
Love Songs of the Nile
Hong Kong Blues (H. Carmichael)
The Vamp
On  A Little Street in Singapore
When Bhudda Smiles
Allah's Holiday (Red Nichols did this as "Bass Man's Holiday," with 
"Blizzard Head" a.k.a. Joe Rushton featured on Bass Sax on a wonderful 
Bobby Hammock chart.)

Don Ingle

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