[Dixielandjazz] Stanley's Washboard Kings - Tapes

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 15 06:34:08 PST 2005

Let's clear the air here.

The fan who recorded them recently died. He thought they might be donated to
a worthy museum, or other group that would appreciate them. His family
followed up by passing them on to the PJS, which has no facility for
utilizing them properly.

They were recorded with the Band's permission.


The offer via me on the DJML was to find them a worthy home for the cost of
the postage from PJS to winner.

All replies would be vetted by me so tapes would not end up being
commercially used in any way, or resold for profit. PJS asked me to be the
middle man, judge and jury and I accepted that thankless task with the full
realization that many would have varied opinions and I would end up being
the lightning rod. And so I posted their availability.

As Jon Erik Kellso pointed out, once you give permission to be recorded, you
no longer have any control of the records WHATSOEVER. But in this case,
OBVIOUSLY PJS IS TRYING TO DO THE RIGHT THING as well as protect them from
commercial use.

So far nobody has asked for them. But many seem to have an opinion, based on
scant knowledge of what's going on..

I repeat the offer.

Who wants them? Stan? Jon? Jazz Museums? (Or shall I destroy them?)

Write me off list, if interested, if you want to make your opinion know, or
whatever. So far, no one except Jon has done that.

Steve Barbone

on 3/15/05 2:18 AM, Jon-Erik Kellso at jonnygig at optonline.net wrote:

Hi guys--
On Mar 15, 2005, at 1:42 AM, Robert S. Ringwald wrote:

> A whole lot of tapes of the Washboard Kings from The Cajun were
> donated to a Jazz Society.  Does Stan King have an e-mail address?
> I think the correct one is:
> jazzbaby at nyc.rr.com
> If not, how about a phone number?
> 212.447.1880
> 212.255.3390
> 516.583.9007
> I am sure I'm on a bunch of those tapes, as I was in that band for
> several years until recently, when I had to give it up when Vince
> Giordano's Nighthawks got a Tuesday steady.
> I don't feel personally that anybody should be selling them for a
> profit.
> I don't really even like that they are changing hands so much, without
> the musicians' permission.
> But I guess this is what happens when you allow people to record your
> performances.
> A loyal fan/friend (who died recently) taped those sessions for his own
> personal enjoyment, so we OKd it.
> I think he gave Stan copies of all of them.
> thanks for thinking of me,
> Jon-Erik Kellso

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