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> I am simply amazed to learn that the song "Darktown Strutters' Ball is
> offense to some Blacks,
> Very kind regards,
> Bill.

If it is it is a personal problem most likely related to ignorance to the 
song and the implications of the song.

Not to worry folks, to the best of my recollection there are no BLACK's on 
this list for more reasons than we need to even go into, with the possible 
exception of a nice Black lady in the UK married to a jazz musician and since she 
is a British citizen of African Heritage she does not count as an American 
Black that might possible take offense to the title of the song.   However that 
being said, I  will go further to state that ANY such Black person that would 
find it PIC to use the term Darktown Strutters Ball is simply one of the those 
trying to seek political acclaim by taking issue with any and all words 
relating to Black, Dark, Color, Shine, Soul Brother, Shuck n' Jive, Step n' fetch it 
etc.  and for Goodness sake don't Ever mention the word NEGRO or NERO around 
one of them.

One can almost always find a negative connotation in this current society for 
anything to further the cause of Political Correctness.  Such is the 
inclination of a still often racist society.  We have come a long way baby but 
apparently not far enough because we keep having to discuss it and worry about it.

Perhaps one day we can all just get along and be people without having to 
stop and think about what we say or how we say it.

Some of my best friends are Blacks, Negros, Niggers,  Coloreds,  Home Boys, 
Honkey's  Spicks,  Greasers, Low Riders, Chicanos,  half breeds, Cherokees,  
Injuns, Portagee's,  Chinks,  Slant eyes, Gooks, Turban Heads, Curry Suckers,  
Japs, Niponseese, Pachucos, Limeys, Diegos, Wops, Greaseballs, Micks, Aussies, 
Brits, Ragheads, Turks, Ruskies, Pollocks, and Jews, Kikes, Heebes, Krauts, 
and Wasps,,Sweeds, Fins, Danes, Queers, Lesbos,Dykes, Gays, homos, and even 
Straights, etc., etc., and I like and appreciate their friendship one and all.  
And if I inadvertently left any racially slurred group out I am terribly sorry,  
It's them damned Publicans I can't stand.  :))


Tom  "Tell it like it Is"  Wiggins

Musical content:

"Red and Yellow Black and White"

Thankfully Music is the International Language that still binds us all 
together and keeps us civilized at least most of the time.

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