[Dixielandjazz] New Music search page.

Craig I. Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Fri Mar 11 22:56:53 PST 2005

If you use the web to find songs, lyrics music info, read on.
If not, hit delete......

I used to have a web site with Jazz content, but it died about a year
ago and I've been to lazy to do anything with it.
It is now reestablished under the new name of 
(I live in Kennebunk and cute names are our specialty!
 -- its a tourism thing.))

THe only content on it right now is a search page for folks trying to 
find songs, lyrics etc. using Google.
So for the moment the only address worth anything is
Its main feature is to allow you to only search sites where such stuff
may be found, avoiding those long lists of  false "hits".

The difference is that you can state a site name and ONLY that site will be
searched. ( I know, Google has such a facility on their Advanced search page,
but read on....)

 If you type in a site address  into the field named "Domain or Site"

--- only the actual domain name!
e.g. redhotjazz.com OR www.redhotjazz.com
leave OFF the "http:// stuff and ANYTHING after the site name
--- no "/"somethingorothers after it.

then only that site will be searched.
Please NOTE on the FIRST "Exactly" search field -- Do NOT
enclose it in double quotes. I do that FOR you. on the other ones, you
may group sets of words with double quotes if you wish.

Now, here is where it improves on using the Google Advanced search
(though it is based on their code)
There are 2 pull down lists of sites with simple names choose one
and the actual domain name will be plugged in for you.
(I got tired of typing site:redhotjazz.com as I search that site frequently.)
--- However, if I don't have your favorite site in there, you can still type it in.
The second pull down llist doesn't do much at the moment. 

Either pull down list will just chuck something into the Domain field, 
replacing what is there (IN other words, they are not additive.

The sites in the second list are sites that have their own search engines and don't search
well from Google which is what I am using for everything right now.
 I plan ultimately to link to those sites in the second list to their own special search engines
directly when I get the time. Thus you won't have to go to their search page to search it.
 That way all the  searches will be done in a common way from one page.

You are welcome to use this tool if you like it.
If you do, put a web shortcut to it on your desktop and you'll have a quick way
to search for tunes. (Please note, it works well with Musicmatch, but not with
iTunes  so iTunes will end up in the second list and link directly to their search
when I get to it.)

I'm open to adding a few more sites to the list, if you let me know what they are.
If I get too many, though it will require that I redesign the page or it
will be too complicated and the "ease-of-use" will be lost til I do.


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